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    UV engraving machine for flat bed
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    UV plain net making machine

    Flat bed uv engraving machine is an advanced equipment which is first made in China, it uses the Semiconductor laser exposure technology, its net making speed is very quick, and pattern is exquisite, also has the good performance in energy saving and environment protection. It is no needs the material such as film,ink,wax..., so compare to other equipments, its cost and efficiency is better.

      This machine use the semiconductor laser (LED blue ray) to exposure the flat screen printing which is under the controlling of the computer and with low temperature setting glue, it make the exposure parts instantaneous solidification, then come into the pattern, those parts which is not exposure can be cleaned easily.

      Because of the semiconductor laser (LED blue ray)’s wave length is short, so its focusing spot diameter is also short, which make the pattern on the screen is much more accurate; secondary, because of the semiconductor laser is small, it can work with multiple light, so the speeds is much quicker; third, the semiconductor laser needs less energy, and the working life is longer, so the cost is lower.

    The engraving process is as following:

    Flat bed screen board coating→Low temperature dry→Blue ray dot exposure→developing rush the net→finished product.



    UV engraving  machine for flat bed




    Round trip accuracy


    Printing method


    Output resolution


    Processing time


    Operating ambient

    15-30 40-80%RH



    printing software


    OS software

    Windows2000 windowsXP

    Standard features

    CPUPentium)≥IV1.5GHZ,≥HD120GB, 265MB,CD/DVD, 3.5inch software drive,17 inch Monitor17,Keyboard, Mouse

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